Over the last three weeks, we’ve pondered the unseen realm, a world behind a veil that some have had the privilege of peeking behind. Joshua got a glimpse when he encountered the captain of the Lord’s army. (Jsh. 5:13-16). Elisha and his servant had a glance when crying out to God, they saw horses and chariots of fire painting the hillside (2 Kings 6:17). Not only is there an unseen spiritual realm behind the veil, there’s a hidden physical and material world within our world. We rarely see it, but we feel it. We feel it when on our way to work we see the rapid ascent of gas prices mocking us on every street corner. We feel it when we go to Kroger and get much less for much more. We feel it when our kids go away to university and come back convinced of the evils and atrocities of the Christian faith. A lot of Christians feel like there’s an ominous storm mounting on the horizon and they’re emotionally, spiritually, and physically exhausted and angry from bracing for its onslaught. These problems didn’t just emerge from the unseen spiritual realm. They came from unseen battlefields of dinner tables, classrooms, offices, and conference rooms. If the world has you feeling helpless, powerless, and weary take heart. In this world, we will have tribulation, but Jesus has overcome the world (Jn. 16:33). By virtue of our humanity, we are all enlisted members of an army. Each one of us is actively engaged in spiritual warfare – this is true whether you’re a Christian or not. This is true whether you believe the spiritual world exists or not.  What is more dangerous than standing in the middle of a battlefield? Standing in the midst of a battlefield and thinking it’s a playground. Join us this Sunday as we consider the overlapping unseen realms and how we are called to be participant powers within them.