What Are Small Groups?

We have several Small Groups that meet throughout the week.  They are a great way to connect with others, learn and develop relationships.  Feel free to join one (or more) at any time!

Wednesdays 9 am – Where Titus 2 Meets Proverbs 31

An intergenerational women’s group from age 18 and up, that comes together to grow, share and study God’s Word. Following the instructions given to Titus regarding godly behavior for women (and men) in the church by Paul in Titus 2, we are going to truly live out the Gospel God’s way – in community with one another.

Current Study – July 7-28:

We will be reading the book Messy Grace by Caleb Kaltenbach and going through the video study and accompanying journal.
Raised by LGBT parents, Caleb Kaltenbach was very familiar with some Christians attitudes toward gays, based on the hatred and bitterness often directed toward his family. It’s not surprising then that as he grew into a young man he wanted very little to do with those who claimed to follow Jesus. As a student, Caleb started attending a Bible study and youth group with the purpose of learning more about Christianity in order to attack it. However, the more he learned about Jesus, the more he wanted to know, which ultimately lead to his conversion. Ironically, Caleb was a Christian teen “coming out” to his gay parents.

In Messy Grace, Caleb chronicles his journey of showing love to his family and the LGBT community, while believing the truths proclaimed in the Bible. He also gives hard-earned advice to Christians seeking to understand the tension of real relationships lived in the balance of love and truth. Includes Reflection and Discussion Questions for individual or group study.

The video study, Messy Grace, combines biblical teaching from Caleb Kaltenbach with stirring testimonies from an author with a transgender sister, a college student who lived a double life, a former lesbian hip-hop artist; now married to a man, and a celibate pastor who’s same-sex attracted. This four-episode series will inspire and empower Christ followers to completely love their LGBT neighbors (and any other neighbor) while remaining committed to Scripture.

Designed to be used with the Small Group DVD study, each participant should have a copy of the Messy Grace Journal to help process the information you hear in the video and apply it to all of your relationships. Includes insightful questions and bible verses for reflection and personal devotion.

Links to the book and journal below:
Please Contact Sarah Hennecke with any questions or help ordering materials

Wednesdays 7 pm – The Gospel Mining Company

We will be examining the previous 7 days’ readings from Ben’s assignment of spending time every day in the gospels.

We will be learning to use Bible study tools such as concordance, commentaries, inductive study methods, and of course, YouTube.

This will not be a typical lecture-type class but will be a time of discussion as everyone has an opportunity to share a new discovery or to ask the hard questions.

Fridays 8 am – Bible Study
This Bible study is for anyone who would like to join. Come on into the first-floor conference room in the Farmhouse.

Saturdays 9 am – The Huddle
Attention all men!  Come and huddle with your teammates as we discuss Tony Dungy’s Uncommon Life. We meet in the Worship Center. You can join via Zoom by clicking here.

Saturdays 9 am – Women’s Bible Study
Attention all women!  Come and join the ladies of CFLM for a time of study and fellowship. Join us in the first-floor conference room in the Farmhouse.