Small Groups Small Groups are a great way to connect!

What Are Small Groups?

We have several Small Groups that meet throughout the week.  They are a great way to connect with others, learn and develop relationships.  Feel free to join one (or more) at any time!

Sundays 7:15 am – Adult Bible Fellowship in the Farmhouse
Everyone is welcome to join us as we journey through the Old Testament: line by line, verse by verse. Please reach out to Chris Carter or Mike Engel to discover which chapter we will be discussing in the next week.

Wednesdays 7 pm – Bible Study
Join us on Wednesday evenings for some great Biblical studies and discussion.

Fridays 9 am – Bible Study
This Bible study is for anyone who would like to join. Come on into the first-floor conference room in the Farmhouse.

Saturdays 8 am – Iron Men
Attention all men!  Come and join us for some great fellowship and teaching. Fellowship and food starts at 8am with teaching and pray beginning at 9 am. We meet in the Worship Center.

Saturdays 9 am – Women’s Bible Study
Attention all women!  Come and join the ladies of CFLM for a time of study and fellowship. Join us in the first-floor conference room in the Farmhouse.

Season Studies
Discipleship groups, topical and scriptural study groups, as well as fellowship groups, pop up and run intermittently. (Attend church for details)