Consider planet earth and those things which reside here.  I want you to begin for a moment just meditating on the strangest creatures and plants you can think of.  Are you gathering some images?  There are enormous beasts that lift objects with their noses, there are tiny beetles that create explosions to escape enemies, there are delicate fluttering creatures whose wings resemble the eyes of much larger things, all manner of creatures that crawl, and swim, and fly, that swing from trees, that produce fruit or thorns, that excrete poison, or smell lovely, things that remain motionless or undulate in their own slime, and even creatures that sit in rooms thinking about all of these other creatures.  These were the result of a relatively short creation event in cosmic history.  This is what the mind and activity of Jesus our Messiah and God produced for this tiny rock that spins around a star that resides outside of one of the major arms of the Milky Way galaxy.  One of the untold billions of galaxies in the larger cosmos.  This universe, the one in which we live and dwell is finite.  It came into being in the finite past and will be unmade in the future, but Yahweh (God Most High) is eternal.  He is not constrained by our time or space realm, not even constrained by our notions of sequence or location.  What do you suppose He has made apart from what you and I know and see?  I think it would be silly to suppose that this universe is all that God made, more than silly in truth, it would be unbiblical.  In the course of human history, some prophets and even some ordinary folks have had the pleasure or perhaps we should say mind-numbing-terror of being able to see something beyond this realm.  What they saw was unlikely something beheld with eyes of flesh, but their spirits were made to sever from moral barriers and view things which the human mind has trouble processing: things which are perhaps beyond our ability to comprehend much less articulate.  This week we’re going to attempt to discuss some of those things, at least insofar as our brains will permit us.  Get ready to strain the capacity of your flesh-mind as we consider a second week of discussing participant powers, this time looking at Angels, Demons, and the Watchers.