Did you hear about Ten Universal Principles for Climate Justice that were revealed on November 12th? The Pope organized a trip to Mt. Sinai with faith leaders from all religions to establish 10 new principles for partnering together to serve Mother Earth. Fortunately, the Egyptian government backed out of the Mt. Sinai location at the last minute. So instead over 40,000 participants joined from various “high places” around the globe, while a few gathered on Mt. Sinai to symbolically shatter the Mosaic 10 Commandments. Do We Really Need A New Ten Commandments For Climate Change? I Think Not. — Fulcrum7

In addition to bringing the nations together for this event, the Pope is behind the establishment of the Abrahamic Family House. This initiative is building a Jewish Tabernacle, Muslim Mosque and Catholic Church on a single site with an interfaith learning center, on the same site. The goal is for all the world’s religions to find commonality and worship together. Abrahamic Family House | Higher Committee of Human Fraternity (forhumanfraternity.org)

This uniting in the faith of climate justice continued this past week in Boulder, Colorado. 90 countries represented in first day of global climate summit focused on human rights | Right Here, Right Now Global Climate Summit | University of Colorado Boulder

So what does this have to do with the end times? In Revelation 13:12 we read about a coming global system in which all the inhabitants of the earth will be forced to worship a beast. Could it be that we are seeing the rise of the beast in the form of climate justice or Mother Earth? Watch this video to see what some reliable end times teachers are saying: End Time Events Happening EVERY DAY – Is the “MULTI CRISIS” the Beginning of Sorrows? – YouTube

90% of Central Banks Preparing for Digital Currency

We have heard about cryptocurrencies for the last year or so, but then last week, we saw the fall of FTX. With investors realizing just how volatile cryptocurrencies are, many have quickly made the move to invest in the central banks. And furthermore, the banks themselves are investing billions in creating a centralized global financial system. Digital Currency Sooner Than You Think – 90% Of Central Banks Getting Ready (prophecynewswatch.com). The United States is currently in a 12-week pilot period with such financial giants as Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank and Master Card.

China has been testing out this system for over a year. NY Fed launches 12-week CBDC pilot program with major banks | Kitco News Furthermore, on Thanksgiving, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum declared that China is a role model for the rest of the world in this. WEF’s Klaus Schwab Says Communist China is a ‘Role Model’ (breitbart.com)

How is this an end times prophecy? Most are familiar with the passage in Revelation 13 that tells of a coming time when people will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast on their right hand or forehead. In order for the government to have complete control over all transactions, the world will need centralized banking.

We should prepare ourselves by having determining ahead of time to not get the mark of the beast, no matter what. Learning to prepare our own essentials, would be wise. Learning to get by on less and purchasing non-perishables would also be wise. The Lord forewarned us so that we would be ready to face the difficulties of the end times.