“ENCOURAGE One Another” (5/24/20) We live in relationship-starved times. If it’s not the pandemic, it’s the way that technology often robs us of “high-touch” emotional


May 17, 2020, by Dr. David Ray “PRAY!” (James 5:13-18) There are those people who pray (at least a little), and then there is James. Prayer

A Mother’s Rise to Fame

May 10, 2020, by Dr. David Ray “A MOTHER’S RISE TO FAME” (Judges 4-5)  5/10/20 Sometimes you find Mother’s Day stories in unexpected places. This


May 3, 2020, by Dr. David Ray “PATIENCE!” (James 5:7-11)  5/3/20 Someone has estimated that Americans collectively spend some 37 billion hours per year waiting

Am I Rich?

April 26, 2020, by Dr. David Ray JAMES has a strong word to say to the “rich.” It’s easy to conclude that he’s talking to

Causes and Cures

April 19, 2020, by Dr. David Ray “QUARRELS & FIGHTS | CAUSES & CURES” (James 4:1-10) “What causes the quarrels and fights among you?” A

I Have Seen the Lord

April 12, 20202 – Dr. David Ray “I HAVE SEEN THE LORD!” (John 20:1-18) She is a main character in the Easter story, even though

Holy Saturday

April 5, 2020 – Dr. David Ray “Holy Saturday” (Matthew 27:45-27; Luke 23:56) In much of life we need to go through dark “Saturdays” before

Faith That Works

March 29, 2020 – Dr. David Ray “Faith that Works” (James 2:14-26) Someone has asked: “If you were on trial for being a Christian, would

What About Tomorrow?

March 22, 2020 – Dr. David Ray “What About Tomorrow?” (James 4:13-17) An old proverb puts it this way: “Don’t brag about tomorrow, since you

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