Shepherding Team
These men are submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and recognize Him as the Great Shepherd and the Senior Pastor of our church family. 

They seek to follow the teachings of the Word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit as they serve as shepherds of this flock according to the pattern of the New Testament church. 

In the spirit of Mark 10:42-45, we understand that Jesus said the purpose of leadership in the church family is not to flaunt authority over people, but to love and serve others just as He did. 

In the spirit of Acts 20:28 and Ephesians 4:11-12, we understand that the responsibilities of the shepherds are to lead & feed the flock of God, to train & equip the Lord’s people to do the work of ministry and to protect & correct those in the church family who need special care. 

Scott Anderson
Scott has lived in the greater Cincinnati area since 1970 and has resided in Warren County since 1977. Scott and his wife have been married since 1992 and have two children and one grandchild

Scott has worked in commercial door sales since 1997.  He currently works at Chase Doors as a Sales Engineer selling into the pharmaceutical, food processing, refrigeration, and cold storage markets.  Scott’s hobbies are playing golf and fantasy football with his family and friends.  However, most of his time is spent with his family, church family, and work. 

Scott and his wife both serve at Christ Fellowship on the worship band, and Scott also serves as the lead sound technician and a Life Group Leader.  Scott has been an Elder at CFLM since 2015.

Steve Anderson
Steve has lived in the greater Cincinnati area since 1970 and has resided in Warren County since 1977. Steve and his wife Rachel have been married since 1995 and have four children. They are a very busy homeschooling family! 

Steve currently works for US Fabrics Inc (a Geosynthetics Company). However, his favorite and most important jobs are being a Husband & Dad. When he is not at work you will find him spending time with his family or his church family.  

Steve and his family attended Sycamore Christian Church from 2000-2007 where he served as a trustee and deacon. 

Steve serves at Christ’s Fellowship as a Life Group Leader, part-time drummer on the Worship Team since 2008, served on the Steering Committee from 2009-2015 and has been a Shepherd of the church since 2015.

Pieter Overbeeke
Pieter is a follower of Jesus Christ, a husband to Rhonda, a father to twin sons, and a grandfather to 4 beautiful children. Pieter and his family have lived all over the country and believe that the Lebanon/Cincinnati area is one of the best! 

He currently works for Ford Motor Company and has been in manufacturing for over 25 years. As a Ford Certified Six Sigma Black-belt, he often works to improve processes impacting the safety and efficiency of the people with whom he works. 

This desire to improve people’s lives transfers to his interest and dedication to the lives of the people at Christ’s Fellowship. Pieter serves as a Bible School teacher for High School students and as a Shepherd.

Floyd Resler
Floyd moved to Cincinnati in 1981 to attend Cincinnati Christian University and holds a BA in Christian Ministries. He has lived in Mason with his wife,  Linda, since 2007. Floyd and Linda have two daughters. Even though these are his step-daughters, Floyd likes to call them his own.

Floyd has worked at AD-EX International since 2001. He started there in customer service but was quickly moved to the IT department. He is their only Web Designer and iOS Developer. God blessed him by turning his hobby into his job and giving him a great company for which to work.

Floyd and Linda have served with the Mishpachah ministry since 2008. Mish (as its called) performs a musical called “Dead Serious . . . About Life”  which deals with today’s teen issues. The ministry has one goal: helping teens and preventing them from doing something tragic.

Floyd uses his God-given talents at Christ’s Fellowship by maintaining the church website and creating other technological improvements and serves as a Life Group Leader and a Shepherd.

Wayne Roach
Wayne has lived in Greater Cincinnati for his whole life, spending many years in Madeira and then moved to Maineville in 2010. He and his wife Mary Jo married in May of 1973, raised five children, four are married and have children of their own for a total of six grandchildren. Wayne has worked as a cabinetmaker and kitchen and bath remodeler for 45 years. He retired in November of 2019. 

 Wayne has been a Christian for many years, serving in many Lord-driven directions, spending time with the great people of Christ’s Fellowship since 2008.  Wayne serves as a Life Group leader, Bible School teacher for Jr. High students, a trustee, on the Action Team and as a Shepherd. 

 George Goforth
George became a baptized believer in Jesus Christ in September of 1988.  He and Cheryl Goforth (Wykoff) have been married since August 1979.  They have two adult daughters and eight grandchildren.  George has been attending Christ’s Fellowship since 2014.  He has been active with church leadership for the last four years, working with the accounting team and building committee.  

George and Cheryl were married at Parkside Christian Church (Mt. Washington Church of Christ).  After serving eight years in the United States Air Force.  George and Cheryl moved back to Cincinnati where George has worked mostly in real estate.  He is currently working as a licensed agent helping friends and family wanting to buy or sell property.

In addition to serving God, George spends a tremendous amount of time spoiling his grandchildren.  He is a licensed airplane and helicopter pilot.  As a rescue helicopter pilot in the US Air Force George was credited with saving 21 people.  He worked as a rescue pilot on eight of the first ten landings of the Space Shuttle that were all scheduled for landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California.  George and his wife Cheryl live in a four-generation household consisting of twelve people.  Cheryl’s mother and stepfather; Carolyn and John Pol.  George and Cheryl’s daughter Cindy Arnold with her husband Brett and six children; Hogan, Nate, Miles, Piper, Chase, and Levi.  Never a dule moment.  George and Cheryl’s daughter Maggie Ballentine lives near Blanchester Ohio with her two sons; Ian and Denver.

 Howard McDaniel
Howard attended Cincinnati public schools until his family moved to Loveland, Ohio in 1977 at which time he transferred to Loveland City Schools. In high school he enrolled in the Commercial Art program at Scarlet Oaks Vocational School, graduating from Loveland Hurst High School in 1984.
While dating Judi, Howard began attending Mason Church of Christ and was baptized there.

Howard and Judi entered into marriage on June 1st, 1985. They have three children and two grandchildren: son Philip (m. Cathryn, with children: Kaitlyn and Allison), and daughters, Sarah (m. Matthew Hennecke) and  Hannah.

Howard is self-employed and bills himself as a “Jack of All Trades Historic”, working as an Industrial toolsmith (jackhammer and specialty tools), Artistic Blacksmith, (newly imagined forgings, reproduction, and restoration work), a “Hands-On” Museum exhibit fabricator, and a “Green” Woodworker, using traditional hand tools (cut and split a tree and make a chair, etc…)

Since 1992, Howard has been leading History, Art and Science “Field programs”, into the woods and creeks of Northern Kentucky’s and Ohio’s, parks, schools, and historic sites.

Howard, Judi, and Hannah started attending Christ’s Fellowship at Little Miami on January, 5th, 2016.
Howard was added to the “Shepherd in training” e-mail list, March, 16th, 2018 and has since, served as a Shepherd/Elder. 

Mike Engle

Mike came to the Lord at age 19 in 1979 through the faithfulness of an unknown (we shall meet him one day and he’ll finally get to thank him) believer who sent a gospel tract through the mail that sovereignly landed in his young hands. Most of his early Christian life was spent at College Hill Presbyterian Church. As an active member of their college and career age group, he grew and matured in the Lord daily and made many lifelong friends. Mike’s better 3/4 is his wife Becky and they live on Foster Maineville Road. During his years at College Hill Presbyterian, he was honored to occasionally teach numerous times which ignited a flame in him that he didn’t know was even ignitable. He has been honored to be able to share the gospel in China and Southeast Asia several times with people who have never even heard the very name of Jesus, let alone the gospel story. He and his wife Becky also serve on the board of a ministry that brings the gospel to Muslims in the Middle East from the dusty streets in Egypt, to tribal clans in Yemen. In addition to that he serves as trustee to two other ministries, one of which translates Bible studies into 10+ different languages reaching well over 1 million people per year. Despite what the Lord alone can, and has done with such a broken and earthen vessel, his biggest passion isn’t so much being looked at as a teacher, but as somebody who just loves to talk about the One who bought him.