Greetings friends!  My name is Ben Walker and the most important thing about me is that I’m a disciple of the Christ, who makes it my life’s ambition to make disciples of my Master, the Lord Jesus.  That being said, let me tell you more about what has shaped and made me the person you’ll be encountering each week at CFLM.

I’m a local product.  I was born and raised in the Maineville area and graduated from Little Miami.  As a teenager, I bailed hay and did landscaping through the area, and was later apprenticed as a machinist in Morrow.  I delivered pizza for Pizza Tower and, same as nearly every regional teenager, worked at Kings Island.  In my free time I learned Kung Fu and Thai Boxing in a little martial arts studio in Landen and played soccer for Little Miami High School.  I’m “Maineville” through and through.

I began my collegiate career at Cincinnati Bible College (Cincinnati Christian University) and during that time met a girl at a Madeira coffee shop named Lisa Roach.  After some years of dating, Lisa and I decided we wanted to join our lives together and left our two respective colleges to marry and begin attending Miami University Oxford, all the while working multiple part time jobs to fund our little off-campus apartment.  Lisa graduated with a degree in elementary education and got a job in the Little Miami School District, where she works to this day teaching first and second grade.   I really loved learning and would have stayed in college forever, except that my wife made me graduate (bless her).  I finished up at Miami with a triple major in Sociology, Philosophy, and Comparative Religion.

While beginning the process of seeking a graduate school, I received a call from a minister at Northern Hills Christian Church in Cincinnati.  This minister had heard about my work teaching Christian apologetics (defenses of the faith) to the teenagers at Christ Church at Mason, and asked if I would consider interviewing for a youth ministry position.  After a whirlwind of prayer, introspection, and interviews, I knew that I wanted to serve my Master in ministry.  I was ordained as a minister in the summer of 2000 and in September, Northern Hills hired me as an associate and youth minister where I will continue to serve until June 14th of this year.  Nearly 20 years of training and being trained in that church have had me confronting most every aspect of ministerial life alongside the ministry veteran Ken Nichols, who mentored me in theology, counseling, and Christian disciplines.  In the fall of 2015, I was added to the staff of CFLM to serve as their part time student minister… Yes, we did youth ministry in our free time.  Lisa and I have been very happily married for 23 years now and have two birth children (Grace (18), and Aiden (16)).  We are also foster parents, having had 11 children stay with us over the course of the last several years.  We adopted our first official foster placement in January of this year and added 5 year old Colton to the Walker clan.  We have two other foster children living with us as I write this.

Regarding ministry, I have a few passions that will undoubtedly come to the surface as you listen to me teach and preach.  Firstly, I love dealing with challenges to the faith and skeptics.  If you are ever having doubts or wrestling with God, if you have questions you can’t answer or find yourself dealing with people antagonistic to the faith; then you will find a welcoming ear and earnest helpful discussion with me.  It will be a rare sermon or teaching where I don’t offer challenges issued by those contending with the faith, and then deal with them.  Secondly, I love questions. I especially love asking the questions that unbalance us, and those questions that lead to more questions.  I love the process of unraveling the answers, the profound truths layered in scripture, in the words of the prophets and the Christ, as well as the sciences, archeology, history, philosophy, and world cultures.  If that latter part sounds daunting to you, remember that I cut my teeth on this material by training Jr. High and High school students, so I’ve learned to make it fairly comprehensible.  If 13 year old boys can master it, all of us can.  Lastly, know that I will expect you to grow.  A disciple is one who changes, who becomes like the Master.  To that end, I will do my best to walk with you before the throne of the Living God each week, so that we might all hear from Him and be changed more into the likeness of His Son.  This is not a process intended for just the person next to you or the person who is outside of our building… it’s a process for each of us every day until we breathe our last and go on to meet the living God.

I’m thrilled to have been presented the opportunity to draw alongside this body of believers, joining you in tilling the soil, sowing seed, and making ready for the harvest.