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“A MOTHER’S RISE TO FAME” (Judges 4-5) Sometimes you find Mother’s Day stories in unexpected places. This one comes from ancient times, during a era of serious conflict, but filled…
“PATIENCE!” (James 5:7-11) Someone has estimated that Americans collectively spend some 37 billion hours per year waiting somewhere on something. Are you a patient person? I know, it’s a personal…
JAMES has a strong word to say to the “rich.” It’s easy to conclude that he’s talking to somebody else, but wealth is a relative thing. And you might be…

I Have Seen the Lord

April 12, 2020
"I HAVE SEEN THE LORD!" (John 20:1-18) She is a main character in the Easter story, even though she doesn’t have the “star power” many might expect for so key a role.…

Holy Saturday

April 5, 2020
"Holy Saturday" (Matthew 27:45-27; Luke 23:56) In much of life we need to go through dark "Saturdays" before we get to Easter "Sundays." Don't rush ahead into the "light" when…


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