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Prayer: Battle on Your Knees 

Prayer is communion with God but it is also martialing the power of heaven to accomplish our Father’s will.  Join us all this month as we consider methods and practices that make for a great prayer life.

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Behold the Man - Christ on the Cross
The moments surrounding a person’s death are always held in great esteem, how much more so when that person happens to be the sinless son...
Behold the Man - Jesus and Humility
When world religions have thought about gods, when philosophers consider the nature of the divine, when most of us conceive of what it must be...
Behold the Man - The Resurrected Jesus
When Jesus Christ rose from the dead, the time of masking God’s plan for the incarnation was at an end. Jesus’ arisen from the grave...
Beyond Belief
“Beyond Belief” is a description of something that is inconceivable, or hard to believe. This is how most skeptics think of any proposition concerning God....
IN A WORLD WHERE isolation and loneliness have often been increased by both technology and the COVID-19 pandemic, we can end up starved for relationships...
With November around the corner our series, "Citizen," will dive into how a Christian is to think about the government and political world. What is...
Clash: The Invisible War
Would it interest you to know you are in the midst of a war? This war is an ancient war that has been raging behind...
Divine Community
When God framed up this cosmos, He didn’t just have in mind physical laws, matter, and motion. God didn’t just plan for the redemption of...
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Ben Walker
Ben is our Preaching Minister. He joined CFLM leading our youth while working at Northern Hills Church of Christ.
Dr. David Ray
Dr. David Ray graciously filled in as CFLM's interim minister until Ben Walker became our Preaching Minister. David was a professor at Cincinnati Christian University...
Floyd Resler
Floyd is an elder at CFLM. He is a graduate of Cincinnati Bible College and is married to Linda Resler. He occasionally has the privilege...
John Dye
John and Zandra are veteran missionaries with more than 20 years of experience in Venezuela. John was born and raised on the mission field and...
Shawn Isaacs
Shawn and Kristin have been married since June of 2006 and have three sons (Oliver, Owen, and Evan), and two German Shepherds (Padfoot and Hickory)....