Services Canceled

Services Canceled

We’ve just been made aware that one of the Elders has been exposed to the Coronavirus at their place of work. As part of work protocols, he was required to get tested and unfortunately tested positive for exposure to the virus. At this point, no one else has tested positive for the virus and we pray this remains so. However, due to their potential exposure to the virus at a recent elder’s meeting, the rest of your elder team has decided that it would be prudent to suspend any church gatherings for the next several days, just in case the rest of the team might spread this virus to any of you. Without any leadership present at any of the upcoming gatherings, we would not be able to serve the family as we believe we should. Although this may only be for a week, we regret that this event has resulted in this temporary suspension of in-person corporate worship. To that end, Ben and Rachel are preparing a way for us to continue worshiping our Lord and Savior at home, so we can still glorify Him separately, if not communally. Please anticipate the availability of the video by 9:00 AM Sunday morning. You can access it from our YouTube channel here…

Given how far we’ve come as a church family I’m sure some might be tempted to consider this as a setback. Please allow me to remind you of this verse…
This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.Psalm 118:24

In summary, all church activities have been canceled from 10/16 to 10/22.

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